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Dropping Rain Chord (ost Personal Taste)

Released on 18th October, 2010 , 32 Views

Artist: Kim Tae Woo
Ost Personal Taste

An-nyeong-i-ran-neo-eui mal-e na eu-seu-myeo
a-mu-reoh-ji anh-eun deut haeng-bok-ha-ra-myeo
Ga-neun neo-eui dwit-mo-seub ba-ra-bo-myeon-seo
na ddaem-e ul-ji-anh-gil gi-do-hae-sseo
Heu-reu-neun nun-mul-bo-myeo ddeo-nal-su-ga eobs-neun-de
Neol bo-nael-su-ga eobs-neun-de

Bit-mul-i nae-ryeo-seo cheong-mal gwaen-chanh-a-sseo
nun-mul-i bo-i-jil anh-a gwaen-chanh-a-sseo
Gwaen-chanh-a-seo ddeo-na-neun neo-reul jab-ji mot-haess-eo
ni mam-eum-sok a-peun gi-eok mo-du-da ji-weo-jul
Bit-mul-i nae-ryeo-seo

Shi-gan heul-reo i-jeun jul man al-att-deon neo
a-mu-reoh-ji anh-eun deut geu-reoh-ge sal-a
Hol-lo geod-neun dwit-mo-seub-man bwa-do ba-ro neo
o-neul-do geu-ddae-cheo-reom bi-ga nae-ryeo

Nun-mul-i na-ryeo-go-hae geu-nyeo-reul jab-eui-ryeo-hae
Ut-ge-hae-jul-su eobs-neun-de
(back to chorus)

Ga-ji mal-ra-go ddeo-na-ji mal-ra-go
Mam-eu-ro mal-hal-ge
(back to chorus)


Smiling as you say goodbye,
you said to me “be happy, as though nothing wa wrong”
looking your back as your walked away
I prayed you wouldn’t cry because of me
if I see the flowing tears
I can’t leave
I can’t let you go
because the rain was falling
it was really ok
I couldn’t see your tears,
it was ok
it’s all right
I couldn’t hold you back
cause the rain that could wiped out all the painfull memories in your heart was falling down
time passed, you thought you could forget
it seemed as if nothing was alive
looking your back while you walk alone
even today the rain fall down
I tried to stop
your tears that were flowing
but it’s not possible for me to make you smile
because the rain was falling
it was really ok
I couldn’t see your tears
it was ok
it’s allright
I couldn’t hold you back
’cause the rain that could wiped out all the painful memories in your heart was falling down’
don’t go
don’t leave
I’ll say this words to your heart
Because your heart was crying and the rain was falling
because my heart was crying
my tears falls down
because I loved you
I couldn’t hold you back
I’ll Embrace the sorrow in your clear and gentle life
I thought I may become the rain

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